Jainism founder


Jainism founder –

The founder of Jain religion was Lord Rishabhdev.

Jainism founder , lord mahaveer

According to Jain tradition, there have been a total of 24 Tirthankaras in this religion.

The history of the 23rd Tirthankar Parshvanath and the last 24th Tirthankar Vardhaman Mahavir is famous.

Lord Mahavir was born in 599 BC in Kundgram near Vaishali.

Mahavir emphasized on following five Mahavratas –

1) Non-violence,

2) Truth,

3) Asteya,

4) Celibacy,

5) Aparigriha

According to Jainism, soul is present in every object, be it a stone, a tree, a human being or an animal.

For this reason, more emphasis has been given on non-violence in this religion.

Not causing any kind of pain to living beings is considered true non-violence.

Samyakdarshan, Samyakjnana and Samyakcharitra have been called the three gems in Jainism.

He has laid emphasis on morality and good behaviour.

Many years after Mahavir’s Nirvana, two communities emerged among the Jains –

1) Digambara

2) Shwetambar.

To attain salvation, it is necessary for a saint to give up his clothes and become completely detached, the followers of this belief are called Digambaras.

The followers of this belief can become a saint even after wearing white clothes were called Shwetambar.

Even today Shwetambar Muni wears white clothes.

Whereas the idols of Tirthankaras of Digambara tradition are without clothes.

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