conservation of biodiversity

conservation of biodiversity

conservation of biodiversity

Biodiversity is a resource which once exhausted cannot be recovered, that is, its extinction occurs forever.

Therefore, conservation of biodiversity is a matter of concern all over the world today.

The efforts being made to maintain biodiversity are as follows-

1. National Park –

The protected area which is reserved for the growth and development of wild animals is called National Park.

In these areas, there is a complete ban on cutting of trees, grazing, hunting and other human activities.

2. Sanctuaries –

This protected area is reserved for the protection and care of wild animals and human activities like cutting grass, agriculture etc.

are allowed to some extent here, it is called sanctuary.

3. Biosphere Reserve –

This is a protected area which is divided into different sections and each section is used for a specific activity and human activity is allowed in a specific section.

A biosphere is mainly divided into three parts – the first part (central part) is legally protected.

In the second section (resistant section) various types of natural resources are found on which educational and research activities are carried out.

The third section (operational section) is the outermost area of ​​the biosphere, where human activities like farming, collecting products obtained from trees, cutting grass for animals, etc. are done.

The total number of biosphere reserves in the whole of India is 14. The major ones are as follows:-

(i) Valley of Flowers (Uttarakhand)

Valley of Flowers (Uttarakhand) , conservation of biodiversity

(ii) Gulf of Mannar (Tamil Nadu)

(iii) Sunder Forest (West Bengal)

(iv) Thar Desert (Rajasthan) Thar Desert , conservation of biodiversity

(v) Kaziranga (Assam)

Kaziranga (Assam) , conservation of biodiversity

(vi) Kanha (Madhya Pradesh).

( conservation of biodiversity )

Breeding schemes for endangered species (transplant conservation): –

Under this, conservation of animals and plants is done in various places established away from their original habitat, unnatural houses, gene banks and laboratories.

At present, plant protection program through tissue culture is proving to be more useful.

Wild Animal Conservation in India:-

There has been a trend of conservation of animals in India since ancient times.

in India

Many animals and birds were kept in the category of worship. In Buddhism and Jainism, killing animals is considered a sin.

The killing of wild animals increased during the Muslim and British periods.

After independence, due to increasing industrialization, urbanization and population growth, there was massive destruction of forests on earth, which led to the decline of wild animals.

At present, due to environmental imbalance, many important efforts are being made at the national level.

( conservation of biodiversity )

Efforts at the national level:-

1. Indian Forest Policy-

Indian Forest Policy was first declared in 1894 AD.

The new Indian Forest Policy was declared in 1952.

These policies had provisions for protection of agriculture and wild animals.

2. Rules in the Constitution-

Article 48 of the Constitution of India has a provision for protection of environment and ecology.

3. Indian Forest Advisory Board-

Indian Forest Advisory Board was formed in 1952 AD.

It monitors the conservation of wild animals.

4. Formation of Environment Department:

Environment and Forest and Wildlife Department was formed separately by the Central Government.

Efforts at the administrative level: –

To save various endangered species from extinction, the Government of India has kept their names in the “Red Data Book” and the list of endangered species.

“Save Tiger Project” has been started to save the national animal tiger.

( conservation of biodiversity )

Forest Policy declared by the State of Chhattisgarh:-

Forest Policy declared by the State of Chhattisgarh is as follows-

(i) Before the division of the state, the erstwhile Madhya Pradesh.

Forest villages declared by the government will be converted into revenue villages.

(ii) To give shape to the concept of making the state a herbal state, minor forest produce and medicinal plants will be preserved and promoted.

(iii) Instead of considering forests as a source of economic benefits, priority will be given to the environmental sustainability and ecological balance of the state.

(iv) Agro-forestry activities in forest areas will be promoted.

(v) Keeping in mind the rights and facilities of the people living near the forests, the production of required firewood and small timber will be promoted by planting trees in the fields.

(vi) Forest Crime Bureau and special courts will be formed to stop forest crimes.

Public awareness for conservation of resources –

Kshiti, Jal, Pavak, Gagan, Samira, these five elements are the basis of life in their nature.

But human nature, desire for life, luxurious lifestyle, mechanization, urbanization and population explosion have caused a huge blow to this natural system.

We are moving towards disaster by continuously polluting the environment.

Greenery is continuously decreasing in India.

Earthquakes, floods, drought, continuously decreasing rainfall, deepening water crisis, drinking water problem and pollution have become the main subjects of our concerns today.

Due to indiscriminate deforestation, shrinking forests, extinct rivers, chemical poisons and dust seeping into water, air and soil are polluting the environment.

The increasing percentage of population and unplanned exploitation of natural resources are the root causes of imbalance.

The poverty and illiteracy of the country has made this problem more complex.

Despite these circumstances, we have become more aware of the environment in the last three decades.

Making efforts in this direction, the government has made various welfare schemes.

For example, Chhattisgarh is a rich storehouse of forest medicines.

With the aim of saving the medicinal species of forests, the government has announced to make the state a herbal state.

For its implementation, a livelihood security working group has been formed in the state of Chhattisgarh for conservation, development, production, value addition and marketing of medicinal and other minor forest produce.

Along with environmental protection, this will also provide a means of livelihood to the tribal families living in Chhattisgarh.

Similarly, to meet the shortage of fossil fuel, Ratanjot saplings are being planted in Chhattisgarh.

Biodiesel will be manufactured from this.

Thus, to protect the environment, we have to make the poor understand the importance of green nature by providing them an economic base from nature.

We have to promote trees as a social and economic resource.

Tree plantation on private and community land will have to be encouraged.

There is a lack of respect for the environment even among the educated people.

They know the importance of the environment very well but assume the responsibility of its protection lies only with the administration.

The problem of environment is not the problem of any individual, any village, any city or any particular country, but

This is a problem whose consequences the whole world is suffering from.

Therefore, there is a great need today to launch a mass movement to create awareness about pollution for ourselves, for our society, for our nation and as “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” of the entire world.

( conservation of biodiversity )

Relationship between tribal culture and forest resources and their conservation:-

Tall trees in the forests of any country entangle the monsoon clouds passing overhead and force them to rain.

The production of grains and vegetables of that country depends on this rainfall and the forest dwelling families establish their homes in these forests.

Their attitude towards the forest can be studied through four independent issues:

1. economic

2. Energy

3. Culture

4. Environment.

The first three are so interconnected that if the fourth one automatically gets affected by them, then the development of the entire country, weather and health of the people, everything gets affected.

Chhattisgarh has been blessed with natural beauty and mineral wealth.

It has been a witness to the oldest history and culture.

There are many customs in the forest culture of Chhattisgarh which help in keeping the environment safe.

For example, Eating the fruit of a virgin mango without marriage was considered prohibited.

The Sal tree is revered by the Baiga people.

The life of forest dwelling families depends on the forests.

Valuable types of woods like teak, sal, semel, bija, haldua, shisham etc. are found in the forests.

For example, the forest areas of Bilaspur, Raipur and Bastar are famous for sal wood.

Apart from timber and firewood, many forest produce like tendu leaves, Sal seeds, Harra, Mahua, different varieties of gum, incense, Mahul leaves, Chironji, Tamarind, honey, wax, Tikhur and many medicinal herbs and leaves are obtained from the forests.

it occurs. In some way or the other, the lives of forest dwelling families are linked.

When the life of forest dwellers’ families is dependent on forests, then such a solution should be found for the conservation of forests which will maintain a balanced relationship between the forest dwellers and the environment.

In India, 150 tonnes of fuel is collected from forests every year and animals eat about 50 million tonnes of fodder.

35 to 40 percent of the people of India are able to earn money only to fill their stomach and fulfill other needs from forests.

Our earth is full of biological diversity. If we want to save it, we will have to think about the upliftment of the forest dwellers.

For example, apart from tree plantation, employment can also be provided in other ways in forest areas.

Chhattisgarh government has also made many efforts in this field. As-

1. Under the economic plantation scheme of the government, a lot of tree plantation work has been done in this area.

The forest dwellers of the area increased their income by making beautiful artistic objects from this wood.

The woodcraft of Bastar of Chhattisgarh is famous throughout the country.

2. Basod families live in the forests around Bilaspur and Raigarh districts, who make many items from bamboo,

but due to the ban on cutting bamboo, these families have started dying of hunger.

For this reason, they started cutting bamboos from the forests and carrying them away.

For this reason the government decided that “Bansod Welfare Centres” should be opened.

Bamboos are given at these centers as per the policy.

Here these families make bamboo crates, handicraft items and incense sticks.

Within a year, he started getting 50 percent more profit from the things he made.

After getting employment, the Bainsod families themselves have started protecting and taking care of the bamboos.

Under the Social Security Scheme of the Forest Department, a grain bank was opened in the forest area because buying grains is also a problem for the tribal families.

Small scale industries have reduced the poverty in the forest area and the problems of our forest department have also reduced.

Awareness towards environmental protection has also increased among women.

In forest areas, vegetables and pickles made from green raw bamboo called Karil are eaten.

When some villagers took the curry home, the women refused to cook it due to environmental protection awareness.

At present, due to increasing industrialization and urbanization, the area of ​​forests is decreasing due to which along with the wildlife there, the life of these forest dwelling families has also become miserable.

Therefore, today we should think of such measures so that industrialization and urbanization do not have any ill effects on these tribal families as well.

Otherwise a serious problem of environmental imbalance will arise.

( conservation of biodiversity )

Energy resources renewable and nonrenewable

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Green revolution in India

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