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Carbon is found in many forms on Earth.

It is found in its native form in diamond and graphite.

In compound form it is found in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, in various types of minerals as carbonate and hydrogen carbonate.

While all life forms are carbon based molecules;

For example, they are based on proteins, carbohydrates, fats, nucleic acids and vitamins.

The external and internal skeletons of many animals are also made of carbonate salts.

The process of photosynthesis which occurs in the presence of sun in all those plants which contain chlorophyll.

Through this basic process, carbon is incorporated into various forms of life.

This process converts carbon dioxide dissolved in the atmosphere or water into glucose molecules.

These glucose molecules are either converted into other substances or they provide energy for the synthesis of other biologically important molecules.

Carbon cycle
Glucose is used in the process of providing energy to living beings.

Oxygen may or may not be used to convert glucose into carbon dioxide through respiration.

This carbon dioxide goes back into the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere through the process of combustion where fuel is used for cooking, heating, transportation and industries.

In fact, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has doubled since the Industrial Revolution occurred and humans began burning fossil fuels on a large scale.

Like water, carbon is also recycled through various physical and biological processes.

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