Water cycle diagram

Water cycle diagram

Water cycle diagram

You have seen how precipitation occurs after evaporation and then condensation of water from water bodies.

But we haven’t seen seas and oceans drying up, so how does water get back into these reservoirs?

The entire process by which water forms water vapor and falls on the surface as rain and then reaches the ocean through rivers is called the water cycle.

This cycle is not as easy and simple as it appears from the statement.

Not all water that falls on Earth immediately goes into the ocean.

Some of this goes inside the soil and becomes part of the groundwater.

Some groundwater comes to the surface through springs or we bring it to the surface with the help of wells and tube wells for our use.

Terrestrial animals and plants use water in various processes of life.

Let’s consider another aspect of what happens to water in the hydrological cycle.

As you know, water is capable of dissolving many substances.

When water passes through soluble minerals, some of these minerals dissolve in water.

In this way the river carries many nutrients from the surface to the sea and these are used by marine animals.Water cycle diagram

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