Centrosome, definition, function



This is the organelle located in the cytoplasm near the nucleus

which is made up of two parts –

(1) centroid pericentre and

(2) centroid nucleus.

The perihelion of the star is a colourless, clean circle inside which two microscopic particles called centra are found.

Stellate body is often found in animal cells.

But some of it is also found in plant cells, in fungi and algae.

During cell division the centrosome also gets divided into two parts.

Functions –

(1) To help in cell division (regulation of division).

(2) It helps in the formation of spindle during division of animal cells.


Large, round structures are found in the cytoplasm.

Which is called nucleus.

four of the nucleus

There are parts.

(1) Nuclear membrane –

A two-layered membrane is found around the nucleus.

Which is made of lipo-protein.

(2) Nucleoplasm-

This is a liquid containing chromosome and nucleus.

(3) Nucleolus-

There is a small round structure inside the nucleus which is called nucleolus.

There is no membrane in the nucleus.

(4) Chromatin network

Forms a thin thread like structure in the nuclear substance which is called nuclear network.

On the occasion of cell division,

these threads separate from each other and shrink and become thick and small,

these are called chromosomes.


Function of Nucleus –

(1) Controls the metabolic activities of the cell.

(2) Controls the cell cycle.

(3) Transmits genetic traits from parents to offspring.

(4) The nucleus synthesizes RNA.


(1) Take a piece of onion, remove its layer, place it on a slide and apply a cover slip.

We observe them with the help of a microscope.

Onion cell

(2) In the laboratory, blood corpuscles are studied under a microscope with the help of a permanent slide of human blood.

Human hematopoietic cell

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