Science in everyday life –

Science in everyday life

Science in everyday life.


In the dim dawn of creation when man opened his eyes , he saw the blazing Sun , the shining moon, the twinkling stars , the fast flowing rivers and gurgling characters. He cried in astonishment , “what are these ?” That question has been fully answered by science today.

“our life today is governed  and conditioned by science.” -NEHRU

  The 20th century is an age of science. Science has now become a part and parcel of our life . It grows our food and cooks it . It lights our homes ,  cools us in summer and gives warmth in winter . It takes us quickly from one place to another.

It provides us means of entertainment and Recreation. It cures diseases. In fact ,  there is hardly anything which science does not do for us. It has greatly added to the human comforts and happiness.

“In the sky above , in the oceans below and on the earth in between everywhere has gone the triumphant Chariot of science.”

Science of the day –

The impossibilities of yesterday have become the possibilities of today. Gone are those days when it took a long time for us to go from one place to another. Trains and Railways are old stories. Travelling by air has now become common and Popular. Modes of transformation and communication have changed and advanced very rapidly.
Wireless and radio is another great wonder of science. Sitting in our homes we can enjoy songs , talks , musical concerts and speeches from a long distance television is another great gift of Science. Sitting at homes we can enjoy live shows of sports and games , various entertaining serials and films . It has provided us entertainment and education.

Science in everyday life

Industries area –

Science has changed our lives. We are happier than our forefathers. We have understood the importance of cleanliness. Now we run our industries through machines. Our economy has become sound through use of machines.

Medical field –

Science has provided us many devices to control fatal diseases. There are many powerful drug to cure disease. X-ray are being used to locate secret diseases. Ultra violet rays are used to cure certain diseases . Through computers , we can do a large number of things accurately and very fast .

Man has conquered time and distance. Now almost every country uses radio and television devices for communication . We have already set foot on moon. Now we are attempting yet further to achieve our control over space . Man can swim in seas , fly in the air , breathe under water , cross high mountains and deserts.

The greatest recent Discovery is atomic energy . It is being used for producing electricity as a cheap rate.  Atomic energy is being used for different purposes in many countries.

It is hardly possible to note all the gifts and benefits of science for mankind.

Conclusion –

Yet we are at the cross road now. For a few people’s selfish interest  science has become a destructive tool . Dangerous weapons like Hydrogen bonds may one day blast away all the boons . We have already faced the wrath of atom bomb explosion in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and its pathetic aftermath.  So we must learn from our past mistakes and stop misusing science. If we have to survive on this earth ,  then science has to be used for constructive purposes.

“Science has taught us to fly like birds in the sky and swim like fish in the oceans but it has not taught us how to walk on the earth.”

“The third world war will be fought  with bombs C. E. M. Joad and missile but the fourth will be fought with stones and arrows.”

“Science is a good servant but a bad master.”

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