Who is the person you admire most

Who is the person you admire most

Who is the person you admire most –

“Some are born great some are made great , but there are some whom greatness is thrust upon.”

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was the young and courageous Prime Minister of India. He was a trust patriot. Infact he was a great Indian leader. He loved his countrymen. He worked hard for them.

Mr Rajiv Gandhi was born on 20th August , 1944. He was the son of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the ex Prime Minister of India . Shri Firoz Gandhi was his father. He got his education at Dehradun and in England. He met Sonia Gandhi in England and later he married her, Rahul and Priyanka are his two children.

After the death of his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi he left his service of a pilot and joined politics. He was elected M.P. from Amethi in 1981. Then the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi appointed him the General secretary of the Congress (I).

On 31st October , 1984 he was made the Prime Minister of the country after the death of his mother Smt Indira Gandhi . Soon general elections were held in the country. He and his party came out victorious with a vast majority. He was again elected Prime Minister of the country. He solve several problems with courage and was praised by all.

First of all he was a true patriot so he worked hard for the real progress of the country. Secondly he was a young man with wonderful courage.

Last moment –

21st may , 1991 was a very unfortunate day . On this day about 10•15 pm Mr. Rajiv Gandhi together with 14 other people died in a bomb blast at Perumbudur 15 km. far from Chennai when he was on an election campaign. The people of India will ever remember mister Rajiv Gandhi for his Noble deeds. He is the man whom I admire most.

“Lives of great men all remind us that we can make our lives sublime.” H. W. Longfellow

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