Science and war

Science and war

Science and war –

This century is rightly called the age of science. Science has changed human life in all respects. It has also brought great changes in the technique of war .

In the old days Wars were fought on foot or horses . Today we have tanks and vehicles to help us in wars. Bows and swords have been replaced by tanks , bombs and missiles.

War is carried on in air and from the air. Fighter planes and rockets do that. They can do bombing and fly away easily . On the other end there are anti aircraft guns to shoot down planes.

We have big worship and submarines to fight on seas. These ships also act as bases for fighter planes. The planes take off from them , complete a mission and safely return to them.

First world war –

First world war was mostly fought on land . The Second World War saw the use of planes and submarines. It also saw the dropping of atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki . Atom bomb is supposed to be the most deadly weapons of War . Today we have hydrogen bombs also ready to help us in this game of destruction.

Science and war

To further help in destruction there are deadly Chemicals and microbes. There are satellites to spy on our Enemies and missiles which can fly thousands of miles to strike a target .

So , we can say that science has given us brand new weapons to fight our wars. Work is going on to make deadlier instruments of War. We can but hope and pray that there are no wars , otherwise , the world may be really destroyed.

“Science has taught us to fly like bird in the sky and swim like fish in the oceans , but it has not taught us how to walk on the earth.”

“The third world war will be fought with bombs and missiles but the fourth will be fought with stones and arrows.”

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