Protozoa diseases

Protozoa diseases

Protozoa diseases –

You have read about Amoeba, Paramecium, Euglena.

These are all easily found unicellular protozoa.

Organisms of this group are found everywhere like other microorganisms in water, plants and animals’ bodies and soil.

Some protozoa have one or more thread-like structures.

With the help of which they move in water.

You know that malaria is caused by the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito,

but you will be surprised to know that these mosquitoes are carriers of the malaria pathogen –

a protozoa called Plasmodium and can spread these germs from a sick person to a healthy person.

Do the work of delivery.

Some other protozoa also cause diseases in humans and animals like Entamoeba and Giardia etc.

A common disease caused by these is dysentery.

Protozoa diseases


These are found around us and everywhere else.

These were first seen in 1675 AD by a scientist named Antonivon Leeuwenhoek with the help of a microscope made by himself.

Bacteria are generally spherical, rod-shaped and spiral-shaped.



This is the most microscopic creature.

Compared to other micro organisms, viruses are so small that they can be seen only with the help of electron microscope.

They can grow only in the body of other host organisms.

Their presence can be detected by the effect they have on the host organisms.

Viruses that live in plants are called plant viruses,

viruses found in animals are called animal viruses and viruses found in bacteria are called bacteriophages.

Bacteriophage virus has been found in Ganga water.

It is also not certain whether they should be called living or nonliving.

Because outside the host cell they are like non-living particles.

Therefore, some scientists also consider them as the link between living and non-living.


Some diseases like cold, fever, flu, eye disease (conjunctivitis)

which we also call ‘conjunctivitis’, etc. spread very fast.

Apart from these, rabies, polio, measles, AIDS etc. are also viral diseases occurring in humans.

Viruses also cause many diseases in other animals and plants.

You learned about HIV through newspapers, television and radio.

/ Must know about AIDS. AIDS in humans is terrible and fatal.

There is no cure for it but it can be avoided by adopting preventive measures.

That is why all communication media are alerting people.

We see the virus in microscope.

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