Polio medicine


Polio medicine –

Have you seen a child whose legs are very weak and who walks with the help of crutches or a stick?

This is caused by the viral infectious disease polio.

Polio disease is caused by polio virus, the smallest of the viruses known so far.

This virus multiplies in the intestinal wall of the infected person and reaches the central nervous system

through lymph and blood flow,

destroying the nerves that control the muscles of the legs.

Due to lack of nerve impulse, the muscles of the legs are not able to function properly,

hence the infected legs become paralyzed or crippled for life.

Sometimes this disease also results in death.

Polio virus is present in the feces of the patient, and flies carry it to food, water and other food items and pollute them.

This virus enters the stomach of children with food and water and infects them.

Polio medicine

Symptoms of Polio –

1. Cold comes with fever and vomiting.

2. The neck becomes stiff due to fever.

3. Muscles shrink and stop working .Due to which there is pain.

4. After some time, the muscles of the patient’s legs become weak and he cannot stand properly.

Prevention from Polio

1. Children should be given “Oral Polio Vaccine” (O.P.V) immediately after birth.

2. The patient’s excreta should be disposed of properly.

3. The paralyzed leg should be treated immediately.

Pulse Polio

You must have seen and heard that in the months of December and January,

all children from newborn to 5 years of age are given anti-polio medicine –

“Oral Polio Vaccine”.

This is a national mega campaign “Pulse Polio” run by the Government of India in collaboration

with the World Health Organization to make the children of the country polio free.

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