Essay for my aim in life

Essay for my aim in life

Essay for my aim in life

“Ambition is the  Foundation stone of all development.”

Everyone must have an ambition. It is a grade driving force. A man who has no ambition does not go far in life. He is satisfied with what he gets. Every man who gets to the top is fired by ambition.

I too have an ambition. It is to become a doctor and serve the villagers of my area. I have seen people in villages suffering for want of treatment. I have seen children die. This has forced me to choose my profession.

To fulfill my ambition. I have made a plan. I have offered science and Biology. I read magazines on this. I have also joined a postal course for the same. I work hard at my studies. I am sure that I will be selected in the PMT and become a doctor.

My aim , then,  is to start a dispensary at my village; I will teach the villagers simple rules of health. I will help them to keep healthy. I will take the help of the village people for this.

Essay for my aim in life

Still , if they fall ill, I will give them proper treatment and cure. I will arrange for them to have vaccination and inoculation become “Prevention is better than cure.” In short , I want diseases  out of the village.

Everyone knows that only a healthy Nation can be a strong Nation . It is my humble effort to make India healthy and strong.

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