Essay about india of my dreams

Essay about india of my dreams

Essay about india of my dreams

India is my motherland. She is a great country having a great past. Her civilization is quite ancient. Unfortunately ,  she went through a long period of slavery. Today , she is an independent country.

Many problems encompass my motherland, but India of My dreams will be free from them. There will be no illiteracy , casteism or provincialism . We will live like brothers and help one another.

In India of My dreams,  there will be no poverty . With hard work  we will make her rich and strong. No Nation will be able to Force us into doing something we don’t want to . The prosperity will come from hard work and Good will for all . A nation can never progress if the people are always fighting.

Essay india of my dreams

In this dream country, the poor will have equal opportunities with the rich. There will be no privileged classes and I am sure people will not fight for religion. We shall have sufficient  tolerance for  that. We need that to become a great Nation.

I am sure,  such an India will be a leader of the world. We would like to help the  backward countries so that they can also progress . We shall make the world our family with “goodwill to all and hatred towards none.”

Thought –

India of my dream will be as has been desire by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore –

“Where the mind is without fear and here is held high ;

Where knowledge is free ;

Where the world has not been divided into narrow domestic walls.”

In India of My dreams there will be ideal citizens as described by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Not gold , but only men , can make ,
A nation great and strong
Man who for truth and Honour’s sake
Stand fast and suffer long .
Brave when who work while others sleep
They build a nation’s pillars Deep,
And lift them to the sky.

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